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Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

Do you worry too much when separated from loved ones?

    • Do people close to you say that you are clingy?
      Do you worry about your loved ones leaving you?
      Do you have nightmares about being separated from someone?
      Do you feel sick before leaving home for work or other activities?
      Do you worry about people close to you coming to serious harm?

    • If so, you may qualify for free treatment in a research study.

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What is adult separation anxiety disorder (ASAD)?

  • Anyone can feel anxious when separated from loved ones, but people with adult separation anxiety disorder (ASAD) experience prolonged and excessive anxiety that interferes with everyday life.  People who suffer from ASAD may often worry about people close to them coming to serious harm and may imagine the worst when they are apart. 

    This fear may drive people with ASAD to be overly clingy and may make it hard to sleep away from home.  Physical symptoms often occur, including: headaches, stomach-aches, and nausea, especially before leaving home.  Adult separation anxiety disorder can interfere with relationships and even with everyday functioning at work or school.

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